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End Allergies Together (E.A.T) Launches "Do Your 17" Campaign

NEW YORK, March 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- End Allergies Together (E.A.T), the non-profit organization whose sole mission is to fund researchers seeking a cure for food allergies, is launching the "Do Your 17" campaign to coincide with Allergy Awareness Month, staring May 1, 2016. E.A.T developed this campaign in honor of the 17 million Americans who suffer from food allergies. People are encouraged to Do 17 of something, anything they choose, and get friends and family to pledge support and raise money.  Proceeds go towards research to help accelerate new treatments and solutions for food allergies.

Participants can do anything…they can run a 17k, cycle for 17 miles, shoot 17 baskets, read 17 chapters, swim 17 laps, do 17 yoga classes, and bake a 17-layer cake. All they need to do is visit to set up their personalized fundraising page and then share their page with friends and family.

"Food allergies don't often get the attention they deserve as people with food allergies look fine...until they mistakenly eat the wrong food and their body shuts down. At E.A.T we want to help fund research so people no longer have to be worried at every meal," commented Elise. "DoYour17 is a fun way to raise money for the people you love struggling with food allergies - your child, your friend, your grandchild, your classmate, and most importantly yourself!"

"It has always been important to us to ensure our children are never defined by their food allergies. We are excited about launching DoYour17 because it's all about doing something you love, 17 times, for someone you love," added Kim.

Food allergies affect over 17 million Americans (4-8%) with 1 in 12 children diagnosed each year. With an estimated $400 million annual research gap, E.A.T's only purpose is to relentlessly raise money for research. With the DoYour17 campaign they are excited to engage fundraisers to join them to End Allergies Together!

E.A.T is a non-profit organization registered 501(c)(3) committed to finding a cure for food allergies by directly funding the researchers who strive to find solutions for this rapidly growing epidemic. E.A.T has underwritten administrative costs so that 100% of net proceeds have gone straight to scientists. E.A.T was founded on the premise that everyone's contribution is crucial and that together, we can End Allergies.